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Boku no Hero Academia Smash!! Chapter 51

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Page 1: Hero Academia SMASH No. 51!!
Box 1: Second day of forest training camp Aizawa: Today we will have a poll on the problems of 1-A and eliminate them. Aizawa: I'll leave it to you guys to resolve it yourself. 1-A: What do you mean? Are we having a class meeting? Aizawa: Incidentally, the 3 primary problems have become clear. Texts: - Bakugou is too violent - Yaoyorozu's worries - Mineta's prosecution Bakugou, Momo, Mineta: He's calling out names?
  Page 2: Amanojaku's Amanojaku Note: Amanojaku is a type of demon in Japanese folklore, but can also refer to a contrary person.
Case 1: The case of the too violent Bakugou Bakugou: The bastard who proposed this, come out here!! Kaminari: It's because you're like that, you know. Jirou: He's scary and there are times when he's unapproachable. Hagakure: He's a tsundere so there are times when he reached an unforgivable stage. Midoriya: He may be rude and violent, but in truth he's not that hard to handle. Hagakure: Huh?
Midoriya: For example, when you want to push this button...Kacchan, can you push this? Bakugou: Huuh!? Are you an idiot? Midoriya: If you ask for his help then he definitely won't push, because he's a demon (Amanojaku). Bakugou: Fine, I'll push!! Jirou & Ochako: He pushed it!!
  Page 3: Naked Kacchan
Midoriya: Here's a Kacchan User Guide that I created. Bakugou: Bastaaard I'll kill you! Box: He's the type who will arbitraryly deny things. Kaminari: Is Bakugou's curry, good? Jirou: There's no way it'll be good. Bakugou: IT'S GOOD!!
Box: If you are inefficient, he'll do it for you. Ashido: How do you use a peeler again? Ochako: Umm...well... Bakugou: GIVE IT HERE!! Box: Once things has started moving, hide yourself. Kirishima: Ooh, it looks really good!! Kaminari: It's just as Midoriya said! Bakugou: Guh...
  Page 4: Aizawa's evaluation meeting
Aizawa: Now it's time for the purification ceremony. Tsuyu: Purification...So it's that kind of concept, huh? Aizawa: You will write a letter to each of your classmates. Bakugou: Huh? Aizawa: Your attitude easily creates misunderstandings. Using words, you need to get rid of that wall. Text: Bakugou Katsuki's Purification Ceremony: Letters
Letter 1: To the earlobe girl, The extent of your field of vision is a weapon. However, if you aim to become a hero, having more battle experience is necessary. If you will devote yourself to logistical support... Letter 2: To the person who makes things float, Your quirk is strong. In order to make the best use of it, you should continue to focus on learning martial arts. However, there are times when you have to appear relax even if it's just an act... Jirou & Ochako: Unexpectedly...not only is he watching closely, he also points out our weaknesses. 1-A: This is why Talentman is no good... sfx: *depressed* 1-A: The wall...just leave it there. Aizawa: Looks like it backfired...
  Page 5: When you think about it
Case 2: The Case of Yaoyorozu's Worries Momo: My worries?...what do you mean? Jirou: Well, there are lots of times when it feels like you are brooding over things. Kaminari: Have more confidence. I mean, you are super smart. Sero: And rich too. Mineta: No matter how you see it, she is a winner in society.
Momo: It really is like that. I am self-consious of the fact that I am blessed... Momo: But then I cannot get used to people looking at me and I wonder if I am too timid... Sero: Eeh that's...are you being sarcastic? Jirou: Wh?! Stop that! Momo: S...Sarcastic... Jirou: Sorry! Please don't take it seriously!!
Page 6: Renewing oneself
Sero: Instead of what you must do, what if you think about what you want to do? Momo: What I want to do... Momo: An excellent hero is something that I must become...but... Momo: What I want to become... Momo: The things that I want to do...
Momo: If I don't wake up... If I don't go to school... If I don't eat... What about breath? I breathe because I want to breathe? Momo: What exactly do I want to do? Ochako: Yaoyorozu collapse from lack of oxygen!! Jirou:'s no good...
  Page 7: A Commoner's Life
Aizawa: After this training camp's over, go live with Uraraka for a week. Momo: Eh? Ochako: Huh? Aizawa: Yaoyorozu, you are quite ignorant in the ways of the world. Aizawa: You need to be exposed to other sense of values and be more down to earth. Text: Yaoyorozu Momo's purification ceremony: A Commoner's Life
Aizawa: Although you are high class, things such as work is a luxury. Aizawa: The common people lives a more stubborn life. Aizawa: That is something you need to learn. Momo: I'll be in your care. Ochako: Somehow it feels like the Days ahead will be difficult... Box: To be continued!!
  Page 8: Reality
Case 3: Prosecuting Mineta Jirou: We have gathered more than enough evidence to prosecute. Mineta: HEEEYY!! Mineta: You guys exaggerate too much. Mineta: CUTE visual characters like me are essential, you know?
Jirou: Nope. You just have low impression. Jirou: Only half of the boys and a small fraction of the girls. There's just no demand for you. Mineta: Eh, is that so? *badump* Mineta: I...I'm everyone's spokesperson, right? Satou: Yeah. Kaminari: Cheer up! I like you. Mineta: It's not even half!!
  Page 9: If it's him
Mineta: What should I dooo?! Jirou: Isn't it your face? Oh and strength too. Mineta: There's a limit to how blunt you can be! Mineta: So if it's this guy, you'll forgive him?! Mineta: Oi, Todoroki! Say "let me feel your breast"!! Todoroki: Eh?..Don't involve me in this... Mineta: SAY IT!!
Todoroki: Br......... Todoroki: No, there's no way I can say it in this kind of atmosphere. Jirou: And that's how it is. Todoroki: Wait, why are you agitating him? Ashido: It's cause you're strong. Text: Impression UP Mineta: How dare you act innocent--!!
  Page 10: The road to Impression UP
Text: Mineta Minoru's purification ceremony: afforestation. Aizawa: Having low impression is a fatal blow for heroes you know? Mineta: Can impression really go up? Aizawa: Maybe... unfortunately I don't know the details either... Mineta: Eeehh?!
Mineta: Even though I just want to live healthily... Kamui: Hm? Aren't you a UA student?... Kamui: Ooh, well done...Could it be that you are interested in the forest? Box: To be liked by Kamui of the Forest is amazing! Mineta: Aizawa-sensei--!! Text: Impression UP
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Boku no Hero Academia Smash!! Chapter 51

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